the Telepathic Music Campaign
Spheres Music Strange Dreams
  Four track EP complete with extensive multimedia frontend.
Plays in standard audio CD player and as cd-rom in windows. Includes MP3 versions for easy download to players etc..

Themed around the Gaia theory, as expounded by professor James Lovelock, Gaia pt1 explores some of the theories ideas in music, images, text and voice.

Extended album of the composition by Tom Livingstone and Dan Crompton. There are two versions; multimedia CD-Rom with additional graphics and text, and audio disc which plays in a standard CD player.

Commissioned for the publication of the English translation of Ernesto Cardenal's epic work; Music of the Spheres (pub Katabasis).

Full length album of solo piano compositions by Tom Livingstone. Plays in a standard CD player.

First released in 1991, this collection marks an important phase in the compositions of our Tom, with a strong sense of the times and their melancholy air..


Watching Digital Paint Dry

As the millenium turns TMC produces an album marking the times. Empathy is something we could all do with more of.

Empathy plays as an audio cd, with mp3 versions available.

The most recent selection of TMC music presented as a cd-rom playable on Windows PCs.

Digital marks a return to multimedia recording by the team, after several years of purely live performance.



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