Ideaz Inc exists to present the creative work of its members, and strives to acknowledge those efforts by crediting all accordingly.
Listed here are our contributors and members. If you have contributed and missed out here, we humbly apologise, and ask you to contact us so we can rectify this immediately.  

Ideaz Inc Contributors:

  Dan Crompton, Marcus Gage, Teo Bailey, Roy Hounslow, Stuart Barton, Gary McKeown, Anthony Darlington, Nick Nichols, Olly Darlington, Tom Livingstone, Caroline Halden, Tasha Laing, Tigga Howe & Vibetribe.


Ideaz Inc website: Designed, coded and edited by Dan Crompton.
TMC manifesto', All new Pamphleteer', What is Creative Space?', Little Red', Why Better?', The Dream', Genetic Architecture': Written, Edited and Produced by Dan Crompton, Louis Christopher, Eric LaMotte and Prof P.E. Harvey.
'TMC the true story' written and coded by Teo Bailey , Art and Code by Nick Nichols , web design and code by Dan Crompton.
'Zilch' coded and designed by Teo Bailey and Nick Nichols.
'Virtual DJ' coded by Teo Bailey.
Gallery and Digitography: Images by Dan Crompton.
Knots band performances by Roy Hounslow, Teo Bailey, Dan Crompton, Stuart Barton, Anthony Darlington, Marcus Gage, Tom Livingstone, Olly Darlington.
Knots band photography by Stuart Barton & Dan Crompton.
Jigsaw animation by Tashsa Laing, Roy Hounslow & Dan Crompton.
TMC performances by Teo Bailey, Dan Crompton, Tom Livingstone, Gary McKeown, Caroline Halden and many more.
TMC cover artwork by Dan Crompton, Tigga Howe.
Vibe Tribe performance by Gil Sang, Graham Silbiger, Phil Bell, Joolz Locke, Cav, Jake, Dan Crompton, etc.
Corsican Brothers performances by Dan Crompton.
TMC - The Void webpages produced by Dan Crompton, music by TMC.
Shane Zodiac; Australian Astrology website created by Tom Livingstone.
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