We are an agency for innovation, exploring creative possibilities.
Allowing ourselves the freedom to play, we can find a space where original thoughts can flourish. No axe to grind, no pay for the piper, just the desire to express ourselves and move forward.
Somebody somewhere just had a bright idea. Many ideas come to nothing, or have little impact, but history is strewn with ideas which have transformed the world. You see; you never really know until its out there..
Some ideas from the vaults:
B.A.F. Design Competition
Genetic Architecture
Archigram in Winnipeg
Archigram - ICA Cheer Up 2
TMC - the true story!
Virtual DJ
Teds Come Alive
Crazy War
YouTube Videos - Red Ninja
Shane Zodiac's Austrology
Connective Hub
IdeazInc Online Promotions
LBS Summer Play 2007
Interbuild 2002
Archigram in Valladolid
Mind you.. if you want us to apply our creativity to your project,
then maybe we can sort something out...
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