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Archway 2006

The looming dark tower presides over a windswept waste
Presents its face to an indifferent world, invisible in the dark
Peeling paint and cracked plaster, litter swirls in confused circles
And the life is buried beneath concrete, or hidden behind a carpark with no cars

Archway faces a choice - to clear the site and build a large scale
development, or adapt the site in a more organic way. Local concern
at the result of large scale development is well founded - the
results of this approach litter the country with their monolithic
edifices. But it is important to be realistic, for example demolishing
the "dark tower" may be uneconomic.
This idea suggests organic development adapting the area to address
local concerns. Demolish some buildings which have reached the end of
their useful life (the large peeling office block). Retain some buildings
that work (the pub, methodist hall, pool etc). Finally radically adapt
some structures to encourage commercial activity (the "dark tower").

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