Through advances in genetic science and bio-engineering, Bio-Tec design Inc. can now offer extensive design and build services for a comprehensive range of Organic Structures. Utilising high power CADNAE, (Computer Assisted DNA Engineering), we turn your vision into form, literally 'growing' the structure by complex manipulation of organic matter. Bio-Tec combines in-depth bio-technical knowledge with stylish organic design.

Bio-Tec 'ECO-structures' are eco-friendly, integrating power, water, heat and waste control with the natural environment. All over the world Eco-Structures are providing the means to counter toxic pollution and environmental degradation. Bio-Tec is well placed to turn the organic dream into reality, simply by altering tiny fragments of DNA. With subtlety, flair and an attention to detail born of responsible enviro-management, Bio-Tec is GROWING THE FUTURE.