Product details

In this section we attempt to explain some of the products available from our design laboratories. By exploring a simple range of structures we hope to demonstrate the potential of this revolutionary new technology. Contact Bio-Tec design Inc for details on bespoke design services in our major divisions: Infrastructure, Corporate or Housing.

Bio-Tec Eco-Structure Type 1: Eco-Dome
By a process we call ‘Bio-E.ncouragement’, live genetic culture is shaped in natural and beautiful forms.
Here in its natural form, the Dome displays its colour and splendour. The swirling texture is made up of symbiotically integrated bio-mass serving inter-connecting purposes.

By coding a range of ‘Eco-Primitives’ in harmonious balance, combinations of fast growing Bio-forms integrate in useful ways. With cavities and holes shaped by modified mono-viral micro-entities, the Eco-Structure develops at human scale.

Bio-Teccountry-domeA simple single person shelter with a range of eco-sensitive facilities for modern living. Existing harmoniously with its environment, this stylish residence is self powered, watered and comes complete with comprehensive communications and bio support systems.

With more advanced genetic engineering, complex forms take shape on the screens of our designer’s computers. The resulting code is applied in laboratory conditions to base bio-matter. As a result of this process seeds are produced which will grow following the patterns so defined.

By combining seeds on site in controlled circumstances, growth is ‘E.ncouraged’ to symbiotically integrate, forming yet more complex structures suitable for their purpose as defined in the initial design brief.
For larger Eco-structures a framework of wood-like matter is coded. This will provide strength and structure to the result, as well as carrying services such as water, power and communications.

With the addition of the previously shown dome, as well as other simple primitives, a collection of habitable spaces are grouped together.

When multiple Eco-structures are grown in proximity, advanced Bio-cities emerge. Existing in complete harmony with their environment they are net contributors to the vital systems of nature.

Now for a summary of the Bio-Tec production process
Process summary