T-Media has a keen interest in games, with interactivity the most exciting development on the tv screen since colour pictures! Actually we think things have a lot further to go, with the possibility to merge viewer and plot, the old passive ways of experiencing moving pictures will undergo a revolution.. we are only at the beginning.
Meanwhile, the excercise of logic solving in code is highly revealing for T-Media's exploration of these new frontiers. T-Media members Teo Bailey and Nick Nichols have been experimenting with old game concepts as compact and playable as possible over the net. This example is called Zilch

Zilch, the game

how to play:

Zilch is a two player game. The first player clicks on 'new game' and a random roll of six dice is displayed. The object is to accumulate points by selecting scoring dice. When a die or dice are selected they are held in the box below. When the player has chosen which dice to hold, they click 'evaluate' and then 'roll dice' with the remaining ones only. If no scoring dice are rolled the player gets "zilch", loses any score in that round and their turn is done. But if they should choose to hold a score and not risk further rolls they may 'end turn' so passing the round to the next player. The first player to 5000 is the winner.