A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005
Are You Asking Why
Tom Livingstone, Dan Crompton

When the rain falls from the sky

Don't you ever wonder why

When the sun shines through the trees

Do you know what to believe?

Have you found out what you know is a lie

Are you ever asking why & why & why?

Waves crashing on the shore

Don't you feel there must be more

If you could reach into your heart

Would you feel you'd played your part?

Have you...

Are you...

Can you feel the living thing

To which you know that you must cling

Is there a reason on your face

To which you know you cannot chase?

I'll keep on asking until the day I die

I know one answer has got to be a lie

Why? Why?

© T.M.C. 1981 - 2005