A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005
Tell It To The Children
Dan Crompton, Mary Vale

Tell it to the children;

Come tell it to the children.

This reminds me of you hear me mama

Going back to the ghetto times Tell it...

I didn't feel that close to God

I didn't feel that close to anything

Too many children in the world

They don't get enough love

And everything seems so bleak

In the years to come

But you can tell tell tell it to the children

how it felt.

Don't know where we're coming from or where we are now

Feel so strange Tell it to the children

But then you know from the very first days

I'm gonna be there again

See the moon in the sky at night

and the stars hanging there, don't sell it to the children

Feel this future when you're in doubt

Just tell it to the children.

© T.M.C. 1981 - 2005