A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005
Freudian Rap
Teo Bailey, Tom Livingstone, Dan Crompton

Everybody who's a pervert say Ho..."HO"

A young man in a position of consequence was involved in a liaison with a, …demimondaine? what's that?

..."Demimondaine?" my God...

She had been the eldest of a numerous family and had grown up with an extremely strong attachment to her father

"What" "Oh Yeah".

She had married young and found entire satisfaction in her marriage, only one thing was wanting to her happiness, she had remained childless, so she could not bring her beloved husband completely to the place of her father;

When after long years of disappointment she decided to undergo a gynaecological operation... "What...er" big word in it?..

Her husband revealed to her that the blame was his, an illness before their marriage had made him incapable of procreating children. She took the disappointment badly, became neurotic and clearly suffered fears of being tempted into unfaithfulness with her husband.

"YEEEH" ..

To cheer her up he took her on a business trip to Paris .

HA HA HA "Woh-ho"..

They were sitting there in the hall of their hotel, when she noticed a stir amongst the hotel servants. She asked what was going on and was told that monsieur le professor had arrived and was giving consultations in a little room over there. She expressed a wish to have a try, her husband rejected the idea but while he was not watching she slipped into the consulting room and faced the fortune teller. She was 27 years old but looked much younger and had taken off her wedding ring.

Monsieur le Professor made her lay her hands on a tray filled with ashes, he carefully studied the imprint. He then told her all kinds of things about hard struggles that lay before her, and ended with the comforting assurance that all the same she would still get married and would have two children by the time she was 32.

When she told me this story she was 43 years old, seriously ill and without any prospect of ever having a child...

And the moral of this story is 'don't trust fortune tellers' thus the prophecy had not come true.

It takes all sorts doesn't it?

Shoobydoobydowop Au au ow ow ooh


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