A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005
Need Your Love
TMC, Normski, Lox, Stix, Lia

Need your, Want your love

Need your Love

Keep on rocking cos I need your love

My heart is pumping cos I need your love

Every where I go

I still seem to want you so

As every day goes by

Find that I wonder why I. . .( need your love )

Need it to comfort me

Want you back so desperately

I pray in future you will see

And understand my agony

It's strange being alone

After sharing all I had with you

I just can't bear it on my own.

Need it. . . Want it. . . I just got to have it.

I can't go on this way

In my emotionless existence

Is there something I could say

To overcome your tough resistance

What you getting that's so good

You didn't get from me before

I got bags of what you want

Take all you need, there's always more.

© T.M.C. 1981 - 2005