A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005
Tell Me What You're Singing
Dan Crompton, Tigga Howe

Tell me what you're singing

If you feel you're winning

Words a plenty flow

Letting a meaning grow

This is the beginning

I try, to grasp the meaning why

Life's reasons, they pass me by

Make sense in the words of a song

Of the energy between right and wrong

Coming to the middle.

Can't help feeling that the meaning is lost

Come listen to the harmony of first and last.

Express myself in many ways

By who I am, what I do with the day

No passing judgement, no central government

Can tell me who I am

Or what I have to say

So many ways to put the truth

So many dances to make your body move

If you're feeling confused, upset, bemused

It could be you're stuck, like a needle in a groove.

Knowing is a wanting,

Knowledge to be hunting

Wisdom comes in time

Like a reason in the rhyme

There is no ending

(On and on and on)

© T.M.C. 1981 - 2005