A selection of music by the Telepathic Music Campaign between 1981 and 2005

Stranger, stranger. (A)

Why do you come this way?

Who are you anyway?

Your face is always hiding from me when I see you.

You are shadows of me

I'm here resisting belief

Followed for a while, I felt it like a smile

You're mystery keeps me there seeking out what's inside you

I know treasures lie deep

Our love may seem asleep

Camouflage blends with the Earth

So to me you're a Stranger, strange

Stranger, you're so strange.

But you're always there looking sleek

With that stare, is it you I seek?

Repeat (A)

You're always there to guarantee

You show me things I'd love to see

So wizen up and make my day

I wait for you to come my way

Stranger never let me down

You know I'll always be around

.Repeat (A)

You know I'll always be around.


© T.M.C. 1981 - 2005